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Unintentional Love [2p!France x child! Reader] :iconxxsatanaxx:XxSatanaxX 17 1
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader 3.
After arriving at Francis's town-house, _____ was taken aback by what she saw. Every wall, every surface was strung with lanterns, the shining objects suspended at random intervals along the gravel drive-way; the prim expanse seemingly glowing shades of amber, gold and vibrant orange. The individual little lights seemed to permeate the inpenetrable blackness seeping through the London streets, Arthur almost completlely undetectable as he strolled along dusting down his ebony suit. The radient glow seemed to make his eyes appear several shades brighter, the neon orbs almost inhuman and his skin pale and waxy in the moonlight- _____ couldn't help but think she was incredibly lucky encountering such a clever, enigmatic, enchanting young man.
"_____?" He said softly, melodic voice low in comparison to the music drifting out through an open window "Are you ok?" A look of concern flitted across his countenance.
"Yes...It's just the first time I've ever been to something like this."
"You don'
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 43 11
HOW DO MAGNETS WORK, THOUGH? by Caffiene-dono HOW DO MAGNETS WORK, THOUGH? :iconcaffiene-dono:Caffiene-dono 130 44 ..:: m a g n e t ::.. by Caffiene-dono ..:: m a g n e t ::.. :iconcaffiene-dono:Caffiene-dono 74 33
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader 2.
"You seem very happy, mon lapin~" Francis observed, casting his eyes towards his favourite Englishman sitting on one of his white leather arm-chairs. "Has something happened to cheer you up? That idea you were speaking of perhaps?"
Arthur shook his head softly, watching his publisher potter around his open-plan kitchen and diner. "It's that, but there's something else too."
"Would you like to tell me?"
"I wouldn't concern yourself with it." The author gave a little smirk, internally laughing at Francis. He'd never believe him even if he did tell him!
"Are you coming to the party tomorrow? I've invited Mattheiu over from Paris, he's bringing some cakes from that adorable little bakery he has."
"Yes, I'll be there. Who else is going though? I need to talk to Kiku about some of the illustrations for the new book."
"Ah, yes. What is it about? I could have swore you finished that lovely little series of yours!"
"It's not from that, it's something else. I do believe it was potential t
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 44 12
Hetalia x Reader: We're Fading P.1
    You slowly opened your eyes and found yourself standing in an endless field of flowers. Sunflowers, to be exact. It reminded you of someone. That someone was Russia, or Ivan Braginsky. In fact, you swore you heard his voice call out for you.
    "[Name]," you heard the voice call out for you again.
    "Yes?" you said out loud. You looked around you and just saw an endless sight of sunflowers. In the distance, you saw a tan figure standing in a large patch of sunflowers. Something waved around it, from which it looked like arms from the way you looked at it. The longer you looked at the figure, the urge for you to run towards it got stronger. It felt like the figure emitted some kind of aura that would pull you in. You then took one step forward. Then another. Next thing you know, you found yourself running.
     The tall man with the scarf had his back turned to you as you got clo
:iconanimegamer1223:AnimeGamer1223 288 62
2p!Germany x Mom!Reader- Handling A Child
1. Introduction
“M-mommy!” Gil whined as he latched on to you and cried on your shoulder. “I-I’m going to miss you so much!”
You pat his head. “Aww, I know, sweetie. Mommy’s going to miss you too.”
His younger brother, Lutz, dragged him off of you by the back of his shirt. He sighed and said, “How long are you going to cry about this?”
Gil sniffled as he wiped his nose with his forearm. “I-I’m sorry,” he hiccupped. “I-I just don’t know how I’m going to live without my mommy!” He attached himself to you again, and you combed through his long silver hair with your fingers.
You rolled you eyes as he continued to cry on her shoulder.
“It’s going to be okay, sweetie. I’ll make sure to come and visit you,” you said to him in a considerate and gentle tone. “But you’re twenty-one years old, Gil.”
“I know! I’m so pathetic! This
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 41 25
D E R P by IggyAlfi2319 D E R P :iconiggyalfi2319:IggyAlfi2319 35 18 Gakuen 2p Italy by IggyAlfi2319 Gakuen 2p Italy :iconiggyalfi2319:IggyAlfi2319 42 27
Romano x Reader: Ti Amo
"Lovino…what are you so annoyed about THIS time?" you asked, looking at your pouting Italian best friend.
"None of your damned business!" he shouted, folding his arms.
You frowned. You had been friends with Romano since…well…forever! But there were times where he was a royal pain in the ass, like right now.
"Lovino, give me a break. You know you can talk to me about anything; right?" you said, putting a hand on his shoulder, which he shrugged off stubbornly.
Your frown deepened and your eyes saddened a bit as well. There was no telling how long you had continued to assure him that he could talk to you about anything, but he never really opened up. There were times when he would lean against your shoulder or sit a little closer to you and give off a sort of emotion but he never really came out with it.
"You've been acting weird for like three weeks now and it's getting worse. I'm really worried about you." You continued.
"Well stop worrying already!" he growled.
Ok, now y
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 1,213 562
SpainXReaderXEngland~Despite The Time(P.1)
((//Preview Image ©
Pixiv ID: 12993459
Member: もす//))
A slight smile crossed your face as you slowly walked to and fro inside the castle gardens. It was the only time that one could be alone without having to watch out for spies. Yes, spies were lurking everywhere and watching your every move.
But then again, you were the daughter of an esteemed Duke. Your father was a very respectable and a man with morals. But other Dukes, Lords and Barons always seemed to have a problem with him voicing his thoughts, may it be lowering taxes or if the mutton could be smothered in cloves for the Twelfth Night!
A sigh escaped from your lips. It was all so very complicated; no one could ever be pleased with any simple thing, like the rose. Your fingers fluttered over the petals and onto the stem. Even though it looked beautiful, looking further down there were pricks that could cause pain.
Your breathing turned into quick pants. The tight dress wasn't making it any easier to breathe,
:iconmoniposa:Moniposa 58 18
Taste of Poison- SpainxReaderxEngland- Ending 1
After entering the house the trio were met with an impenetrable silence, the sounds of London far behind them. The quiet didn't seem normal, the air thick with dampness and a cold more bitter than they'd ever experienced; barely any light at all filtered through the shattered windows (the street lamps were in disrepair, providing no light at all when twilight fell), silken cob-webs strung across them like bunting or a haunting sort of decoration. The three began to advance forward after a moment of disbelief, flinching at every sound or movement that resonated around them. The foyer of the building would have once been grand, now it seemed barren and desolate as rain-water pooled on the chess-board floors and dripped tantalizingly from the ceiling. Faded Damask wall-paper peeled from the towering walls, the ceiling not even visible as it disappeared into nothingness along with cracked marble pillars and ghost-like moths.
_______ instinctively crept closer to Arthur, trying to calm hers
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 13 19
America x Reader: I'll Never Leave You
"Aaagh! Sit down already, America!" England shouted.
"I am the hero!!!" America shouted, giving a thumbs up.
Almost everyone in the World Conference room groaned, facepalmed, or just set there looking at him like he was an didn't though. You actually giggled and smiled. Alfred was one of your closest friends and you had been friends with him since before you could even remember.
Looking at him being a loudmouth, trying to talk and eat at the same time, and smiling like an idiot, brought back so many childhood memories for you…
"Come on ______! It's only a little bit farther!" A small ten year old Alfred said enthusiastically as he held your hand and tugged you along.
"Alfie, where are we going?" you asked, blinking a few times.
"I told you that it's a surprise!" he laughed, still pulling you forward.
You just smiled at him. He was so silly and adventurous…
"Britain is going to be very angry that we ran off without telling him." You said,
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 1,427 441
Mafia!Romano X Mafia!Reader:Divinita della Morte I
"Bring me down, you simpleton!" you snarled, struggling from the Brit.
"But Princess, you've worked so hard.  take time to rest! ...Excuse me." He tossed you over his shoulder and forcefully brought you to your room. This day, you didn't slept. The sun had risen, your eyes didn't wanted to close, craving for more works.
You were current the head of the family and planning to retire soon. The Divinitá Della Morte Famiglia or the Gods of Death's Family, the feared organization here in Italy. All of the member of this family are all professional assassins from different countries. Messed up with  them? You won't be able to run away. The Family had a top 7 elite assassins or the 7 Gods alive on Earth according to the Italian citizens. Arthur Kirkland from the United Kingdom, Alfred F. Jones from U.S.A, Mathias Kohler of Denmark, Kiku Honda of Japan, Ivan Braginski of Russia, Ludwig Beilschmidt of Germany and YOU. Your brother had been killed by the ot
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 379 95
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader~ 1.
Arthur glanced up and out the cafe window, silently watching the meandering crowd of people and the way they milled around shops in inpenetrable throngs. As far as he was concerned he didn't really want to speak to anyone in the entire world at all, emerald eyes focusing back on the laptop in front of him. Of course he preferred writing by hand, but certain measures had been called for and he had been reduced to using such things as the internet to help him work better. The Englishman remarked to himself that he'd never even realised how far the world had moved on without him, and for once he actually did understand why Alfred thought him 'behind the times' as it were.
Giving a somewhat satisfied smile after reading over his work, the gentleman then reached out a slender hand and picked up his cup of Earl Grey. Tendrils of steam had been winding their way through the air, permeated with the scent of cake and freshly baked bread, but that was evidently a long time ago. The
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 84 16
[MMDxAPH] Captain Kirkland by yumenosakuichi [MMDxAPH] Captain Kirkland :iconyumenosakuichi:yumenosakuichi 16 7


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