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AmericaxReader Movie Marathon
AmericaxReader Movie Marathon
    Alfred, your boyfriend of four years, invited you over to his apartment for a Marvel movie marathon. He had been acting strangely the past few weeks, almost as if he was afraid of something. It wasn't you he was afraid of, this you knew. He loved you, and besides, you couldn't hurt a fly.You shrugged and pulled on a pair of jeans and a baggy t-shirt, Alfred always hated it when you dressed up or put too much makeup on. He claimed that it made you look fake, although the insult had made you upset, it had flattered you that your boyfriend appreciated you for yourself.
    You grabbed an old sweatshirt before hopping into your red Dodge Ram 2500. You chuckled at your car, thinking about how awkward it looked for a woman of your small stature to hop in a huge truck. You brushed of your thoughts before putting the car in drive and heading over Alfie's. God, even the thought of your sw
:iconforevergotenandbra:forevergotenandbra 137 101
Misleading Intelligence AmericaxReader
    As most people know, it is the universal rule that people who don't necessarily come off as intelligent aren't always expected to do all that much, and everyone knows that when you have less to do, there's all the more time you have to do what you want. When you are given these two facts, then it is easy to then realize how some people might simply pretend to be more dense than they are in actuality just so that less is expected from them.
    You believed that your friend Alfred Jones was one of these people, and you were determined to prove it someday, but for now you were more than happy just relaxing in your house, listening to him ramble on about some sort of hero something or another.
    You sat on a couch, one leg crossed over the other, a book in your hand, pleased to find that you had finally managed to tune out all of his ramblings. Apparently is was foolish to think that you could have a moment of peace however, because suddenly you felt th
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 240 62
Boyfriend! America x Girlfriend! Sick! Reader
Today was a beautiful day. It was the perfect temperature outside as the birds chirped every once an a while. Squirrels were running up trees, across yards and even chasing each other. Today would be a day you’d go outside and take a walk on the path in your nearby park, right? Well that was something you just couldn’t do. Why you may ask? You were sick. You didn’t know how or what it was, you just knew you were sick. You were coughing, but you throat was hurting so coughing made it worse, you had a headache, you were sneezing, and you were so congested you couldn’t really breathe out your nose. Wonderful am I right? I know this sucks. But Alfred would be back soon. He went out to pick up the medicine you’d need, which you guys didn’t have in your house.
You moved around on your (f/c) couch until you felt comfortable, but the thick (f/c) blanket you were under didn’t want to move with you so you kicked it off and it fell on the floor. Then you
:iconkatloverforever:KatLoverForever 288 1,053
Hetalia: BTTxReader: BTT's Morning Challenge
"Hey, get up."
"I don't want to!" 
"Aw, come on [Name]!"
"Five more minutes!"
"You say that all the time, but you always oversleep!"
Opening one eye lazily, you studied the people who dared to wake you. 
They were your roommates, Antonio, Francis and Gilbert, also known as the BTT. The trio looked as fresh and handsome as ever however... They were all wearing uniform for... Dreaded school.
"You need to get up, chica." Antonio said, quite seriously, as he pulled your blanket away from you. 
"No!" You moaned, tugging with all your might to bring the blanket back. 
"Good morning!" Francis called cheerfully as he opened the (blinds/curtains) of your window, revealing a blinding sun.
You lost your grip on the blanket and shielded your precious (colour) eyes, hissing, "It burns!!"
"Oh. I understand why Toni wanted us to wake up so early -- So we could get you out of bed!" Gilbert grumbled, walking out of your room. "Seriously!"
"What?" You asked, beginning to throw a chil
:iconsugaranimekitty99:SugarAnimeKitty99 141 15
[Bad Touch Trio x Reader] Oneshot!
You shouted out through the empty home, completely furious.
Your mind was set on a rather annoying Prussian, and his cheeky companions as you hurried around the house.
“I am going to kill each one of you if you don’t give them back!”
Just as you were about to open the bathroom door, it busted open. Though before you could react, strong arms were wrapped around your waist as they pulled you to the partnering wall.
“Hola, senorita!”
Antonio waved happily at you from the doorway of the bathroom, acting as if nothing was happening.
Deciding to ignore the Spaniard, you leaned your head around to see Francis holding you close to his chest.
“Qui~ Hello there my little fleur.”
He flashed you one of his signature smiles, then directed his attention to Antonio.
“Toni, do me a favor, and grab _______’s legs would you?”
Francis’s words made your eyes widen.
‘Toni, don’t you dare!’
You practic
:icondefective-technology:DeFecTiVe-TeChNoLoGY 131 16
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader 5.
For once ______ was at the cafe first, trepidation boiling within her about what Arthur had to say. He'd seemed frantic, breathless...her over-active imagination was conjuring all kinds of things that could have happened to him, but hadn't he been at home all day? Surely something bad couldn't have-
"_____!" Eventually a windswept author emerged into the cafe like a hurricane, hair soaked from the rain outside and emerald eyes wide. He seemed to be far more dishevelled and weather-stained than he ever had before, not at all concerned about his un-tucked shirt or slightly wonky tie as he dropped into his seat. He appeared very restless too, shifting about uncomfortably. "A-Arthur, what's wrong!?"
He let out a shaky expulsion of breath, brow furrowed. "I...I have something to tell you." _____ didn't get a chance to retort, the Englishman beginning to speak "Listen, Francis rang me and...well..."
"Well what?"
"There's good news, and bad news."
"Tell me!"
There was a pause, filled w
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 41 9
Too Late Bully!AmericaXDead!Reader
I, Alfred F. Jones, don't get it, I really don't. Despite being bullied all the time for her good grades and coke bottle glasses, ____ was always so pleasent, so upbeat.
She's the last person I would have expected to commit suicide.
Through their tears, her parents said that, in her suicide letter, the reason why she killed herself is because of the bullying she had to put up with every day she went to school. Those words made my blood run cold, because I was one of the bullies who pushed her to do that, the ring leader actually. From name calling to groping, she certainly got it all, though you could never tell it hurt her by that sappy smile she always had plastered to her face when she told people she was fine.
 That fact probably makes it even more disrespectful to stand before her grave as I do now. Rain started to fall, the drops sliding down my blond locks and hitting the grass below, but I hardly cared; the rain mixed quite well with my tears.
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 262 77
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader 4.
The next morning _____ woke up to the sound of a kettle boiling and birds singing outside.
She rubbed her bleary eyes, no longer fatigued as she felt some recollection of the night before come back to her; it had been truly magical, and an involuntary blush crossed her countenance when she realised exactly where she was. The young girl looked up as the sound of muffled footsteps assaulted her ears. It was no doubt Arthur, and the young man eventually came into view with a pile of clean washing in his arms. His hair was ruffled, but he didn't seem at all upset about it, smiling gently at the girl in his room. "Did you sleep well? I'm sorry if I woke you up." Looking so ininhibited truly became Arthur. "I-It's ok..." _____ yawned, staggering out from beneath the embroidered covers and stretching languidly "I slept rather well, thank you!" Another grin crossed the young man's face. His companion looked innocent and angelic in the golden morning light, a sliver of it being cast on h
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 37 10
Mature content
Unintentional Love [2p!France x child! Reader] :iconxxsatanaxx:XxSatanaxX 19 1
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader 3.
After arriving at Francis's town-house, _____ was taken aback by what she saw. Every wall, every surface was strung with lanterns, the shining objects suspended at random intervals along the gravel drive-way; the prim expanse seemingly glowing shades of amber, gold and vibrant orange. The individual little lights seemed to permeate the inpenetrable blackness seeping through the London streets, Arthur almost completlely undetectable as he strolled along dusting down his ebony suit. The radient glow seemed to make his eyes appear several shades brighter, the neon orbs almost inhuman and his skin pale and waxy in the moonlight- _____ couldn't help but think she was incredibly lucky encountering such a clever, enigmatic, enchanting young man.
"_____?" He said softly, melodic voice low in comparison to the music drifting out through an open window "Are you ok?" A look of concern flitted across his countenance.
"Yes...It's just the first time I've ever been to something like this."
"You don'
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 43 11
HOW DO MAGNETS WORK, THOUGH? by Caffiene-dono HOW DO MAGNETS WORK, THOUGH? :iconcaffiene-dono:Caffiene-dono 130 44 ..:: m a g n e t ::.. by Caffiene-dono ..:: m a g n e t ::.. :iconcaffiene-dono:Caffiene-dono 74 33
Delightful Company~ Author!EnglandxReader 2.
"You seem very happy, mon lapin~" Francis observed, casting his eyes towards his favourite Englishman sitting on one of his white leather arm-chairs. "Has something happened to cheer you up? That idea you were speaking of perhaps?"
Arthur shook his head softly, watching his publisher potter around his open-plan kitchen and diner. "It's that, but there's something else too."
"Would you like to tell me?"
"I wouldn't concern yourself with it." The author gave a little smirk, internally laughing at Francis. He'd never believe him even if he did tell him!
"Are you coming to the party tomorrow? I've invited Mattheiu over from Paris, he's bringing some cakes from that adorable little bakery he has."
"Yes, I'll be there. Who else is going though? I need to talk to Kiku about some of the illustrations for the new book."
"Ah, yes. What is it about? I could have swore you finished that lovely little series of yours!"
"It's not from that, it's something else. I do believe it was potential t
:iconprincessjodie:PrincessJodie 44 12
Hetalia x Reader: We're Fading P.1
    You slowly opened your eyes and found yourself standing in an endless field of flowers. Sunflowers, to be exact. It reminded you of someone. That someone was Russia, or Ivan Braginsky. In fact, you swore you heard his voice call out for you.
    "[Name]," you heard the voice call out for you again.
    "Yes?" you said out loud. You looked around you and just saw an endless sight of sunflowers. In the distance, you saw a tan figure standing in a large patch of sunflowers. Something waved around it, from which it looked like arms from the way you looked at it. The longer you looked at the figure, the urge for you to run towards it got stronger. It felt like the figure emitted some kind of aura that would pull you in. You then took one step forward. Then another. Next thing you know, you found yourself running.
     The tall man with the scarf had his back turned to you as you got clo
:iconanimegamer1223:AnimeGamer1223 289 62
2p!Germany x Mom!Reader- Handling A Child
1. Introduction
“M-mommy!” Gil whined as he latched on to you and cried on your shoulder. “I-I’m going to miss you so much!”
You pat his head. “Aww, I know, sweetie. Mommy’s going to miss you too.”
His younger brother, Lutz, dragged him off of you by the back of his shirt. He sighed and said, “How long are you going to cry about this?”
Gil sniffled as he wiped his nose with his forearm. “I-I’m sorry,” he hiccupped. “I-I just don’t know how I’m going to live without my mommy!” He attached himself to you again, and you combed through his long silver hair with your fingers.
You rolled you eyes as he continued to cry on her shoulder.
“It’s going to be okay, sweetie. I’ll make sure to come and visit you,” you said to him in a considerate and gentle tone. “But you’re twenty-one years old, Gil.”
“I know! I’m so pathetic! This
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 40 25


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